Why hello there, thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

I’m Melissa!

..and I believe that everyone deserves their own High Class Hustle. You deserve to be able to sell and serve your clients with ease. Succeeding at doing what you love.

High Class Hustle also means embracing your inner fire and stepping into your success with grace and passion. Leaving a positive touch on everyone you meet, with the tenacity and confidence to get exactly what you want.

I always had the hustler mentality,

Always working two jobs at a time, or going to school and working in the evenings after. I was doing whatever I could to get ahead, and I wouldn’t take NO for an answer. After the endlessly long hours and giving up every evening and weekend, I thought, this is not the hustle I am after, and this is definitely not High Class. Sure, I may be making enough money to get by, but at the end of the day, I was…

  • Working endless hours and being obsessed with checking my phone and emails when I finally did get home

  • Feeling the feast/famine sales cycle, going weeks or months without a paycheck that reflected the work I was putting in

  • Having no time or energy to give to my relationships

  • Going out with friends and not being engaged, feeling anxious that I was missing an email or text message

  • Fueling myself with not so nutritious food on the go and living in survival mode

  • Blaming everyone else for my problems and exhaustion

  • Always “too busy”

  • Missing bridal showers and baby showers and important events in my life

Giving everything to get ahead was actually setting me back in my health, my love life, and my relationships. There has to be a better way?





So, I created High Class Hustle... 

...Because it is possible to create a customized sales system for your business that allows you to ditch the 24/7 hustle. That’s right, there is a way to enjoy your life, while watching your sales increase without your constant attention.

Since I have created this program, I have been able to..

  • Work with businesses and entrepreneurs to build sales systems customized to their businesses

  • Move to Europe for a year- this has always been a dream of mine

  • Inspire entrepreneurs and career focused leaders to get ahead in their industry

  • Consistent money flow, no more feast and famine, (#champagneforbreakfast)

  • Create my own schedule (NO more 24/7 hustle!)

  • Travel to my dream destinations, 49 countries to be exact!

  • Stay in luxurious hotels and resorts (I would never have thought possible)

  • Wake up everyday inspired! (with time to go to the gym and eat nutritiously.)

  • Find more time with my fabulous friends, (yes, I will be your bridesmaid!)

  • Find the man of my dreams and actually have time to enjoy every lovely moment that is us

  • Enjoy cooking and going out for beautiful dinners, because I am not working every moment and can afford it (Hell yeah!)

  • Ditch my anxiety and phone obsession and can relax and enjoy the moments of my life

  • Make time to improve myself and my surroundings each day


I am living my life by my terms and its AHH-MAZING!

There was a voice inside me telling me I deserved more, and I listened, FINALLY! I am not telling you all of this to impress you, I want to impress upon you that is it is possible for you too. Hold onto your dreams and goals, they are achievable.

You deserve to live your fabulous High Class Lifestyle!

I'd love to get to know you and show you the ways of the High Class Hustle. Book a call with me, let's start hustlin'!

Looking for more credentials?

Always working to increase my knowledge, I have graduated from the University of Victoria (Public Relations), University of Calgary (Real Estate Development), and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Business Marketing).

With my fervour to serve others and share my knowledge, I have devised sales systems to provide a step by step process to increase sales, provide exceptional client experience, and create raving fans for your business. With this knowledge, I have built a sales contracting business to help clients learn the buying and building process for new and resale homes. Collaborating with Home Builders, to creating successful sales teams, I have sold over 50 million dollars in real estate in the past three years alone.

I have created a coaching business to teach entrepreneurs my signature sales systems, resulting in more time and increased income for their businesses. It's my mission to use every opportunity to empower other entrepreneurs to improve their lives, their surroundings, the level they serve their clients and their sales.

I want you to know it is possible to hustle hard, hustle smart, and live a truly High Class lifestyle. You can have your cake and eat it too!


–Yours in the Hustle–