Intuition: Listen to your gut and not your fears!

Are you waking up each day with that little feeling in your gut? What’s it telling you? Are you listening?

Two years ago, my gut was telling me, “this isn’t quite right.” I was in a five year relationship with a guy who I thought I could be with forever, we discussed our future, having kids together, but there was something missing. I couldn’t quite place it. On the surface everything looked wonderful, and there was love there, but it wasn’t enough for me, I wasn’t in Love anymore. I cared for him deeply, and I didn’t want to hurt him. So we stayed together. After all, I moved to a new City for him. If I left, what would I have? I would have to start from scratch. Would I ever have kids? Or find Love again?

Sounds familiar?

This is what fear can do to you. It can paralyze you into a place where you don’t want to be. Where you aren’t reaching your full potential. My Dad always said, “NEVER SETTLE!” That was enough of a reminder to me, I couldn’t worry about how the break up would go, or all the “what ifs.” I knew that if I closed this door, it would leave the universe to open a more beautiful one for me. It was no guarantee, but I believed it.

Ending the relationship was difficult (actually it was ****ing horrible), but the mindset and strength that came out of it has taught me to always listen to my gut. Freeing myself of the relationship allowed me to soar. I was more dedicated and focused on my work which brought me a promotion, more success and more respect in my industry. And, I met the most AMAZING man, who taught me that I deserve love, passion and respect. It isn’t too much to ask, so ask yourself what you deserve.That little feeling that something isn’t right, or you are meant for more, Listen and Act on it!

In my High Class Hustle for the Business Mind Program, we work through your mindset, making sure you are listening to your gut, operating your business and your life out of a clear, focused mind. Trust me when I say, they do go hand in hand. Your home life affects your work life and vice versa. Make sure both are free of obstacles and allow yourself to reach your full potential.

We will work together on your:

  • Money mindset, are you stressing way to much over money?
  • Work/Life mindset and finding balance
  • Focus, are you looking for the positives? The solutions? Or the problems?

A 5 star income starts with a clear mind.

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-Yours in the Hustle-