Make money while you sleep using Airbnb

As you know, I am a Hustler! I always have an eye out for opportunities to make money through different ventures. These ventures are always things I truly believe in. When I am not working with my coaching clients, blogging, or coming up with new content for my social media accounts, I dabble in a few things on the side. One of them being Airbnb.

I am someone who genuinely loves meeting people and traveling so, becoming an Airbnb host/co-host was something that seemed to match my values and lifestyle, especially during this year abroad. Many of my friends and family's first thoughts were, “is it safe?” And, I must say, yes, I haven’t had any issues. I started hosting my flat in Calgary three years ago when I was living as a single lady. The great thing about Airbnb is you can preview the guests before you accept and read their reviews. I always felt very comfortable and safe in my own home. Airbnb also offers protection if by chance anything did go wrong. My Mom has even tried hosting and truly enjoys catering to her guests now that she is retired with no kids living at home. She is a Superhost naturally!

Now in Valencia, we are hosting our second bedroom here occasionally to make extra money for traveling, literally while we sleep! It's really that simple. We’ve also started co-hosting which is amazing even if you don’t have your own home. You can run another person’s property as your own and get paid to do it! Using Airbnb has allowed me to grow my network through the people we get to host and meet. I've included my referral links below if you are interested in signing up as a host, co-host or traveler. If you use the links it gives both you and me free travel credit on Airbnb, so win-win.

If you’re new to traveling on Airbnb, it has proved to offer the most value per dollar throughout my travels. Give it a try, you get a free $45 travel credit when you sign up using the link below. It’s a great opportunity to see new cities around the world through the local's eyes.

Claim your $45 travel credit and start traveling on Airbnb.

Become a Host

Even I know the hustle can be tough some days or months, so having a little extra money in your slush fund relieves you from feeling guilty about treating yourself to those little extras.  If you have any questions on Airbnb contact me and I can guide you.

-Yours in the Hustle-