Selling with Integrity

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 We all want more sales, more clients, more money, but how can we do that? Why aren’t your clients converting? Are you spending too much time with those who won’t actually benefit from your product or service?


You’re not expected to make miracles happen, you’re not changing people’s minds completely, you’re showing them a new perspective. Your showing them how your product or service will genuinely benefit them. You shouldn’t sell water to a drowning man nor ice to an Eskimo. This is not selling with integrity.


Spending some time qualifying your leads or prospects by asking them key questions that relate to your offering. If you don’t qualify you could be trying to sell them something that they do not need.

What are the benefits of your offering, will it help this specific client? How can you find out? These are your qualifying questions. Use them to prevent yourself from wasting time on people are never going to buy from you. A lot of the time, we keep these “leads” in our sales funnel, we continually spend time trying to sell them something and it’s wasting your precious energy. You need to let them go! Delete these people. Focus on the ones that are worth your time, who are interested, who will benefit.

Back to Dating

You know I love to relate things to the universal world of dating.  You want to qualify your potential dates to see if your values align. You want to figure this out asap!  Is this long-term relationship or a hook up? Do they want kids or marriage? What do you actually want to get out of the relationship?  Do they want the same?

Without knowing this, you can spend a bunch of time in a wrong relationship that’s never going to go where you want it to. We all know someone or been someone who’s been here. It sucks, it’s hard, it seems like your dating life isn’t working out, but it could just be you’re not pre-qualifying.

Move on

When you’re meeting people, or targeting people keep this in mind. If you’re spending too much time on prospects that aren’t going anywhere and taking a lot of your time, they aren’t the ones. Move onto the ones who are aligned and interested. The others are usually a lot more work, they want and expect more. “They want it all and don’t want to pay for it” mentality. Typically, you’re better off without them.

Focus on the ones that do need it and you’ll start to see quicker conversions, more sales and feel better about your sales funnel! More in the funnel isn’t always more if they aren’t the right people. I’d take less qualified leads then more unqualified any day!

 Where are you running into problems with selling or converting? I’d love to chat. Send me a message below.

-Yours in the Hustle-