Position Yourself + Get Any Gig you Want

Did you notice that people seem to want what they can have? The best way to get the gig, client, contract or job you want is all about how you position yourself and your offering.

Recently, I completed a contract with a Builder I was working with and found myself in a place where I had plans to move to Europe, but had no definite timeline for leaving. I decided I wanted to dedicate more time to the Fierce Female Entrepreneurs in my High Class Hustlers Group and take on more one on one clients. Knowing the universe, it would have other plans. I had several different Builders reach out with opportunities for me to work for them. Very flattering and very grateful for this.

Always one to meet new people and open to opportunity, I went around interviewing, networking and essentially talking about what I had to offer to the different companies. Truth be told, it's been a while since I did the interview circuit, since most of my gigs I've secured through my network/reputation in the industry. 

What did I learn?

When you aren't desperate, they can sense it and they like it, they are more interested. When you're confident, they tend to ask more questions about why you're so confident. You've intrigued them. When there is no pressure, or no sign of it, you tend to be your true self. When you are yourself, you win people over. It's your you-ness that sets you apart from the other candidates. When you express others are interested in you, you show them you are in demand, and they want what others want. With all of this, they tend to negotiate with you to make you happy and give you exactly what you want. Sounds pretty great right?

Will this work for you?

Yes, you must have something that can benefit them and you must show them exactly what that is. What problem or pain point can you solve for them? Tell them! Use the what's in it for them format to describe how you are going to solve their problems. Position yourself as the expert. Provide them with examples of your past results to build credibility. Play it cool, be yourself. Discuss with them what you want out of the position/gig/contract and how it will benefit both them and you. If you are interviewing with others or have other opportunities, be open about it, again it shows them you are in demand and uses social proof to have them lining up to work with you.

Are you confident in your positioning? If you need a little more confidence in networking, interviewing, or securing your next gig, give me a call. I would love to see you signing new clients, getting the exact gig you want and spending more time celebrating your success!

-Yours in the Hustle-