Sein Besser Als Gestern "Be Better than Yesterday"

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With a life commitment towards constant improvement, the German words "Sein Besser Als Gestern" sum up the goal of everything I do. It means "Be Better than Yesterday." Knowing this, it makes sense that I've read a ton of self-help books from business to spiritual to plain ol' money making tips. From all of them, I've found a consistent messaging ringing throughout. Yes, it could be my marketing background looking for those buzzwords, but I truly believe that many of the great minds writing these books are trying to get the following points across.


In order to be anything more than you are now, richer, skinnier, stronger, you must have the desire. The inner fire that wants something more than what you have. Luckily as humans, we are designed to always be wanting more, so desire typically comes naturally to us. 


You must keep a relentless focus on your desire. Be specific. Be obsessive. Manifest. Think about your ideal outcome every morning and every night. I'm talking the exact amount of rich you want to be, the exact amount of weight you want to lose, the exact amount of distance you want to run. Specific. 


You aren't richer, skinnier, stronger, or whatever more you want to be at this moment so something has to change. You need a plan. This is truly where a coach can come into help support you. Someone who's gone through and seen the other side and can show you the exact plan of attack to get you where you want to be. A coach can help determine the specialized skills you already have and can utilize to get to your ideal outcome. 


You must put in the work. You've created a plan, but you must be willing to put in the work. That could possibly mean you spend Tuesday nights networking, Wednesday mornings at Spin Class and Fridays running or lifting weights. You must offer your abilities in exchange for your dream outcome.


It's going to be tough, you will have failures, triumphs, and self-sabotage, but you must persevere. Keep pursuing your goals, stoke the fire within you, focus and persist. Be open to new paths and ways of getting there, and never give up.


Trust the process, trust the breakdowns. Be a detective in every opportunity and failure that comes. What are you supposed to learn? Where is this leading you? Why is it taking so long? Enjoy the journey, your dreams and destinies are coming to you, trust, be patient, but tenacious.


Watch the magic unfold. When it happens, a little bit or a lot, be grateful for being closer to your goals and dreams. Celebrate these moments, your first $500 or 5lbs or 5km it feels good! You earned it. Be proud and keep pursuing!

If you want to achieve your dreams with support from yours truly, send me an email so we can make a plan togther.

-Yours in the Hustle-