What's your favorite country?

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Whenever you come back from a trip where are you’ve seen more than one country, people want to know which is your favorite. For me it’s so tough to choose, I've been lucky enough to travel to over 45 countries. Each country has beautiful, interesting elements to them and it really depends on what you’re looking to do. Do you want a beach? Is it the climate you’re after? Are you outdoorsy? Are you there for the food? All of these are things that will determine where are you want to go and what you want to do.

Here is a quick little highlight reel of the beautiful places I was able to visit this past year. Some of them I had been to before and being there again made me see and appreciate different things. Some were brand new places and a little bit off the typical beaten path for people who are just starting to travel. Here they are...

Iceland (Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon)

Amazing landscape, the kindest people, Blue Lagoon was worthwhile experience, delicious baked goods, great vegan options, mild climate. We also had the former chef to the President of Iceland as our AirBnb host which was amazing!







France (Bayeux, Paris, Reims, Mont St. Michel)

Bayeux was the most adorable little town, Paris is romantic, Reims was lovely to do Champagne tours. Lots of coffee, but tougher with vegan options, incredible churches.

Germany (Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Hamburg)

Oktoberfest is insane possibly crazier than the first time I went. It's like Calgary Stampede, but with lederhosen and giant pretzels, very pragmatic architecture, vegan options, history, trains on time, friendly. I got to meet some of my German family which was very special for me.

Spain (Barcelona, Tenerife, Valencia, Alicante, Some other hidden gems which I don't even know the names of.)

Hot, beaches, churros, coffee, language- one of my favs even though I am still trying to learn, modern meets historic architecture, siestas, flowers, markets, beautiful and was our home for the year.

Morocco (Marrakech, Zagora)

Sandy, markets, camels, mountainsides, the food was bland, we were over the vegetable tagine by day one, labyrinth streets and the doorways were amazing. Spa day at La Mamounia was lovely!


Beach, bungalows, palm trees, crystal blue water, fish, coral, relax. Read this before you book. It's as beautiful as it looks.

Scotland (Edinburgh, Highlands, Glasgow)

Whiskey, castles, cold, green, amazing vegan options, kind people, beautiful architecture, plenty to walk around and enjoy.

Finland (Helsinki)

The nicest people, freezing in February, great vegan options, sites to see, hockey games to watch.

Vietnam (Ha Noi, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh)

Salad rolls, hot and humid, beaches, busy cities, crazy drivers, lovely little restaurants, lanterns, tailors. We saw our friends get married which was a very cool and special experience for us.

Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakone)

Clean, organized, obsessively clean, very hard for vegans, beaches, Hakone is like a little Canmore/Banff, rivers, interesting, thoughtful, welcoming, little touches, Bamboo forests, temples, busy, but orderly cities.

Italy (Rome, Florence, Vatican, Sicily, Cortona, Cinque Terre)

Fooooooooddddd, wine, nature, history, sightseeing, hikes, more wine, more food, bike, run, enjoy.

Ireland (Dublin, Galway, Cavan, Killeshandra)

Fun, easy going, pubs, ocean, pedestrian streets, castles, whiskey. More family time, seeing my relatives again was very special. 

Maltase Islands (Malta, Gozo)

Crowded small beaches, beautiful water to swim in, dated architecture a little run-down, nothing too exciting besides the water and climate, We thought Gozo was nicer than Malta. 

England (London)

The Queen, Palace, parks, pubs, vegan options, easy going, modern yet historic.

    So tell me, where is your next trip or a favorite place you've been? Love talking travel so send me a message or comment below. 

    -Yours in the Hustle-