Follow Up & Change the World

When it comes to the Hustle, we are always trying to gain exposure, attract more followers, get more likes and essentially sell more of our product or service. We want to be able to serve our ideal client and make a difference in our client's lives. Whether your selling a lip gloss leaving your client feeling fabulous all day long or teaching new moms the importance of nutrition, your impact effects not only your ideal client but the people around them as well. 

In order to get this world changing result, you need to follow up. Your potential clients are busy. They are going through life, like you, trying to get through each day a little smarter than the day before. You have a product or service that can make this easier for them or improve their lives, well being, and overall happiness. You have to remind them. 

What does follow up look like?

I like to think of it like dating. Your client has shown interest in your offer whether through liking your page, subscribing to your list, or visiting your store, this is the first meeting. Now you want to get them out on a date with you, or at least get them talking. This way you can build rapport, educate them and ask for the sale. 

The First Follow Up

Depending on how your first meeting went, you will know what is best to discuss or follow up on. Perhaps they said they didn't have enough money at the time or wanted to talk to their spouse. Bring this back into the conversation, ask if they had a chance to do what they said they were going to do or needed to do. Talk about other exciting events that you may have learned about them in your first meeting. Were they about to go on a trip to Madrid? Or perhaps they were going out for Mexican for dinner. Show them you were listening and you care about them by following up on their trip or dining experience. Similar to dating, ask them about themselves and really listen. 

Another Follow up

The second time, I usually keep it casual. I want to show them that I was thinking of them, but not necessarily trying to sell them. I want to stay top of mind, continue to build rapport and credibility. Consistent follow up shows you are reliable, you mean business and you truly want to help. This is where you can add some client experience to your sales process and really level up your business. You may send them an article on the best markets in Madrid for their trip or another recommended Mexican restaurant since they've shown interest in that cuisine. You decide what makes sense for your offering and experience. 

Third times the charm

If you haven't heard from them after the previous to attempts to follow up, I usually do one last attempt. This time I want to find out if they still have any interest. I really want to find out if the feelings are mutual or if I am coming on a little too strong for them. I respectfully ask them to let me know if I should let them be or if they would like to discuss my offer further. This usually gets an answer out of them. 

The Rule of Three

If you have persisted in following up with them three times with no response, as a general rule, it might be time to move on. Focus your energy on a new possibility. If you seriously think there might be some interest, take some time apart before following up with them again. You don't want to come across too desperate for a sale. 

Still Stuck

If you are following up and still can't seem to convert those leads to sales, download my Free PDF here. I give away the possible reasons why your leads aren't converting and what to do about it. 

Wishing you all of the success in your hustle! I am here to help you make a difference in your industry and watch your business grow. I can't wait to celebrate with you.

-Yours in the Hustle-