Opportunities: Where to Find Them

Are you looking for opportunities, but can’t seem to find them anywhere? You want to break free from your 9-5,  find a different job, or even have the opportunity to meet your idol,  but you don’t believe these possibilities are available to you?

Lately, I have been hearing people worrying about this, so they stay put, stuck in their same routine believing there is no way out or no chance of anything changing. First, let me say what you believe to be true, will be. Mindset and your beliefs are such an important element in creating your future.

This morning, I went to a cafe in Calgary, as I heard they make sourdough bread and my Man and I are huge fans of sourdough! I ordered our lattes with almond milk and a loaf of sourdough bread. To my disappointment, they did not have any sourdough, only ciabatta and focaccia loaves. The owner told me I should have been there yesterday as they ended up throwing away three loaves of sourdough. He expressed that it is difficult to predict the amount and types of bread that will be needed each day.

I smell an opportunity!!!

Let me preface that I am by no means an expert at running a bakery, but I hear a problem and where there is a problem there is a possibility for it to be solved. In this case, I would look at creating an online pre-order program on the cafe's website, or by having buyers send an email the day before. This way, the owner can at least have a firm number of what type of bread is needed that day and the confidence that each loaf will find a loving home. Someone who is good at this sort of thing, could reach out and set this up for him on his website. Resulting in a happy cafe owner, happy clients, and happy website guru with a new client and possibility for referrals.

Some things to remember when looking for new opportunities:

Listen for Problems

As mentioned, where there is a problem, there is a opportunity to solve it. Use your skills and expertise to find a solution. This is a great way to meet people, network, and get your name/business out there. If you are trying to meet your idol, or someone new, listen to what they are saying, or working on, is there an opportunity for you to help them in any way? Maybe you can help them promote a new product they are working on, or perhaps you can pick up their dry cleaning. Get recognized, get your foot in the door.

Get Out

In order to find these opportunities, you have to get out in public. Even while getting groceries, a latte or even at the car wash, look for ways things can be made easier, and listen to the people surrounding you. Strike up a conversation while in line with someone. Perhaps that person needs help planning their daughters Princess Birthday party and you just happen to love planning events and dressing up like a princess. These little conversations may just lead you to your calling and a new business venture. I mean, I am confident that there will be more than one child wanting a Princess Birthday party out there..

Be Persistent

When you hear no, or get rejected, this is not the end. This is a lesson. You’ve learned an approach that doesn't work for this person. Now you can figure out a new approach. You must continue to persist. The no’s will add up, but so will the yes’s; your confidence and your experience with handling objections will increase. You will be a Princess Birthday Guru in no time!

Set Yourself Apart

But Melissa, the market is over saturated, there is no need for another Princess Birthday Party Planner. Again, if that is what you believe to be true, this is what will be true. You need to set yourself apart. What can only YOU offer, what is your special gift, skill, sauce? This is what you need to highlight, your YOU-NESS.


What’s in it for me? Cater your pitch, your ideas, towards your potential clients. They are always wondering what’s in it for me? So, show them, tell them, get it through to them, exactly how your special offer can make their life easier, better, more fun, etc.


Please leave your scarcity mindset at the door. There are plenty of opportunities out there, and enough Princess Birthday Parties to go around. So embrace your market and know that you are needed and incredible at what you do. Believe in abundance, and you will receive it.

If you are not feeling confident in your mindset, your business idea, or just want to bounce your ideas off someone send me a note, I would love to chat.


-Yours in the Hustle-