She Shoots, She Scooooooreeesss!!!


Are you getting the feels from that statement? Do you want to be the one scoring? Trips to Mexico, more clients, Champagne Celebrations. Well, in order to score a goal, you have to know where the net is, or in the case of your business, what the goal is.

I was speaking with one our fellow boss babes this week, and she allots two hours for her biz five days out of the week. This is a substantial amount of time, but she feels she’s not achieving her goal of making money, having a successful biz. So I challenged her to be more specific about what those goals are and work backwards from there.

Making Money

How much money do you want to make with your business? $5000/month? Let’s use this as an example. In order to make $5000 a month, she would need to sign up two new clients. How can she get two new clients? She needs to look at her sales and marketing process to see where clients aren’t converting. Is she getting people to her website, are they signing up for opt-ins, but not converting? This could mean something is missing along the way. See where your clients are dropping off and it will help you understand where your process might be failing. But for the sake of our goal setting blog, I want to focus on how to set yourself up to achieve specific goals and make more money.

Goal Setting

And so I digress, in order for her to sign up two new clients, she needs to have 30 new conversations this month, set up targeted posts or advertisements to market to her ideal client and cultivate her list. Say whaaat???

I know it sounds intimidating and confusing, let me break it down further, remembering this is a monthly goal. As you set goals for sales, you will start to see how much leg work needs to be done in order to achieve them. At first, it’s a little bit of trial and error. So if you have 30 conversations and sign up 3 new clients, or you talk to 30 new people and you sign up one, but your goals was two, you’ll need to talk to 60 next month or tighten up your selling process, sharpen your sales skills, which you can do by working directly with me or signing up for my $28 course here.

Plan of Attack

Now looking at your calendar, how are you going to fit these 30 new conversations into it? Start with linking them to your current activities. If you go to the gym every Wednesday, talk to two new people each week, Thursday you have soccer practice with your son, talk to some new parents there. These examples are specific to conversations, but align your tasks with things you’re doing so it starts coming naturally and easy to you. Now that you know your goal of two sales, it’s easier to schedule in the specific work needed to achieve those goals. You will notice your time will be more focused when you sit down to work on your biz instead of finally sitting down and thinking hmmm… not sure what to do? Well, guess everything is done.. Doing nothing does not get you closer to achieving success. Now, you will see your goals, your steps to get there a complete a step. And please remember to define what success means to you, so you know specifically what you’re working towards.  

 If you’re struggling to Goal Set, Create a Plan to reach your goals, or you’re just paralyzed by it all, use the ounce you have left to click below and send for help, I’m here for you and I’ve been there!

-Yours in the Hustle-