When to Hire Help Even Batman Had Robin

Are you trying to do it all and ultimately not being as effective as you can be? It might be time to hire help. I know we all try to do everything ourselves, and can YouTube nearly anything, but with certain things, it’s best to hire help.

You’re not the Expert

If you’re not the expert at it, it may be best to lean on/hire someone who is more efficient and ultimately better at whatever it is than you.  For example, if you don’t know what SEO stands for, or when you here search engine optimization it makes you think of cars, then it’s time to give this task away to someone who is an expert. Let them optimize your site so more people can find you.

You Despise it and Always Procrastinate it

Always tardy on your blogging? You can hire someone to write for you. Do you forget to post on Instagram and are not even sure what your password is? Might be time to let this one go. If you are constantly forgetting it, avoiding it or ditching it, then delegate that elsewhere.

But it costs money!

I hear you, loud and clear. Everyone’ biggest hesitation, spending money. Let’s think about it though.. If you gain back an hour of your life for only $30-50 and you get to spend that hour at the spa or with a love one instead of torturing yourself for three hours (because you know that’s actually how long it will take you to get serious about the task at hand), won’t you feel WAY better?! Gain back your time. Your time is valuable It is all you have. Plus, you will make more money in less time doing the thing you’re an expert at then fumbling over SEO nonsense. In other words, a Doctor can charge you a hell of a lot more being a Doctor than she can trying to post a photo on Instagram.

What you need to know before you Hire

There are many opportunities online and of course in person to hire or ask for help. Before hiring an assistant whether virtual or in person, you must create some clear expectations. The more detail the better. Allot time limits for tasks or ask how long it will take them to complete. The last thing you need is them spending 8 hours on something that you think should only take 45 minutes. Ask for examples of their previous work or for references from other clients so you can see if the caliber is up to your high standards.  The more detail the better! Communicate as much as possible.

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-Yours in the Hustle-