Events: Throw an EPIC Meet Up!

Have you ever been to a “Meet Up?”

This past weekend, I was in San Antonio visiting family, and saw on Instagram that there was a Meet Up being put on by some Instagram Influencers in the fitness world. The IG Influencers preach about empowering woman and being Boss Babes on their accounts, so I was interested in seeing what the Meet Up was all about. Having never been to a Meet Up, but having a sales and marketing mind, there are some big ways we can improve this event. So if you are planning an event or Meet Up, some tips to optimize the experience for your clients:

Set Expectations

These incredible women have a huge reach, over half a million followers and 500 of them showed up on a cold day to meet them and show their support. It happened to be a cold day in SAT and we were all in-line outside in the rain waiting to see what was happening inside. Speaking with the other woman in line, they were expecting, (as was I), to all be invited into a venue where the IG Influencers would say something or talk about a few points and then be available for questions, a photo, etc. Not the case, after an hour and a half in line, we were frozen and disappointed to find out we had a moment or two to meet one of the IG Influencers and then get in line for another one. There was no one monitoring the time you got to spend with each, so the people outside in the line were waiting until the first group was finished soaking up their time with them. In my opinion, if I knew this was what I was getting myself into, I would have been pleased and willing, but because I had a different expectation in my mind, I left a little disappointed. Set expectations and then blow people away by adding the little extras.

Put up Signage

The event was held in a small gym, which was off of a main road, tucked behind industrial type buildings with a small sign that was VERY hard to find. Another thing that us woman waiting in line bonded over, the difficulty of finding the venue.  When hosting an event, put up some signage, BIG SIGNAGE! It makes people feel like they are going the right way and makes them excited on the way to getting to you. Incorporate your messaging on the signs. “Empowering woman in fitness this way….” Would have been amazing for us lost souls driving around looking for a loading bay turned gym.

Optimize your Venue

Which brings us to the venue. In this case, when we got to the front of the line, we entered through a garage door onto some rubber mats, and then finally into a studio room to meet the woman. There was no signage expect a backdrop for the IG Girls to take photos with each other in front of. These girls are incredible influencers, empowered strong woman, and the venue was “meh.” Side note: If this is your gym, you have 500 people coming to see it that live locally, this is FREE advertising!! I would have had trainers available to talk about the gym while we waited in line, perhaps some class demo’s being instructed that we could jump into, something that would give us a great feeling about your gym. Maybe a free trial? You get what I am saying, you want the venue to feel on brand. The Venue owner should want to get in on the action as well. Win-win people!

Work your Sponsors

I get it, things cost money, but use what you have. These influential women have sponsors and frequently advertise products on their IG pages. Hello sponsors! OR anyone in the fitness product industry, this is an opportunity, jump at it! Set up tents and tables and have samples and information available on your product. Show us, the 500 people in line, why we NEED your product. You have an qualified audience that is into fitness, who follow these influencers, and are standing outside a gym in the cold. Keep me distracted and offer me your latest herbal tea, or new long sleeve workout top. You get the picture.

If you are looking for more specific ways to create an amazing experience for your next event, call me, let’s chat it out and come up with the perfect event that your followers will be RAVING about!!

-Yours in the Hustle-