The Entrepreneurship Struggle is Real


Thinking about quitting your biz? Is the struggle of entrepreneurship hitting you hard? Emotionally? Financially? Both! For me, making the transition from working in person to work from my laptop while traveling, turning my business completely online was a huge leap. Being a sales genius in person is completely different than selling yourself to the online world. I jumped in with both feet and a suitcase.


I started building High Class Hustle, about six months before I moved abroad to Europe. I figured- I’m moving to Europe for the year, why not have my biz set up to allow me to work from anywhere?! It will be great! I will have clients lining up to work with me. I will be living the life of my dreams, what more can I ask for?

Well, clients for one. Amidst the shock of moving to a new country, with no home base, a plan to live in Tenerife. But when we showed up we realized it wasn’t what we were looking for. So we needed a new plan, a home, a therapist for all the emotions that were flowing through us. Was this a mistake? What are we doing in Europe? Can we afford to be here?

Like really, if I don’t get any clients I will be living off my savings for a year. Do I want to do that? OMG can I afford to do that? The panic and struggle were real. On top of it all, this was my dream, my idea, I was the one pushing for this and Mike was ready to book the first flight back to Canada. It was a big stress on our relationship to say the least, and for what exactly?

I was in this negative headspace, and I wasn’t attracting clients. I wasn’t even selling. I was just sitting and hoping a client would come save me. But, of course, that’s not how it works. When you come from a place of desperation it’s evident, to everyone.

I felt I was an ungrateful fraud. I mean I’ve moved to Europe and I’m crying about it over here because I can’t figure out how to be happy. Nor, am I making any steps to help myself. I should be living the dream and I’m afraid people will judge me because it’s not working. I’m failing, (my biggest fear.)

What I did wrong:

·      Came from a place of fear and desperation

·      Took no action, except to cry and feel sorry for myself

·      Had a negative mindset

·      Took on other people’s feelings as my responsibility

·      Focused on what I was lacking

·      Spiraled into worry + anxiety (thinking about the past and future)

Luckily, I have a loving mother and support system in Canada. My Mom made me aware that I was spending so much of my energy deciding if I should move to Europe or not if I should run this business or not. Ummm hello, I was already living in Europe and running the business.  Oddly, I needed this realization and the wake-up call, it changed everything. I’m here! Living in Europe, traveling the world and I’m so lucky to be here. I can only spend my energy making myself happy and doing what I do best; helping people and sharing my knowledge. Trying to make Mike happy or anyone happy is a waste of time, they must find happiness on their own.

The shift in my mindset was huge. I went back to coming from a place of positivity and abundance instead of fear and desperation. I went back to my why, back to the basics, back to my amazing support system of entrepreneurial women.  I made time again to write down what I’m grateful for, time for meditating, time for appreciating. I started envisioning a future with amazing incredible clients who love me for me, my crazy travel schedule and all. That are excited to work with me and I them. To truly make a HUGE impact in their life, in their business, and in their abundance.

What I recommend and what I changed:

·      Have a mindset that believes in abundance

·      Focus on the positive, what you have

·      Live in the present moment

·      Take steps towards what you want (baby steps count, do something!)

·      Started focusing on yourself and your routine

·      Try Meditation, Envisioning, Manifesting

AND guess what?! I know it’s sounds cliché, but IT’S HAPPENING!! I’ve attracted opportunities I couldn’t have dreamed, opened my mind to greater possibility, bigger dreams, amazing clients, new ideas. I get to coach these incredible women and it makes my eyes well up with tears of gratitude because it’s exactly what I want. It’s sounds crazy, but I know it can happen for you too.

Let me know if you need help to get through the darkness, let's chat. 

-Yours in the Hustle-