Top 5 Pieces of advice Business Coaches will tell You

1. Your Health is your Most Important Asset

You need to take care of yourself. A routine for self-care or self-love is the most important thing you can have to be your best. If you offer the world your best, you will receive the best in return. Your routine should include: adequate sleep (6-8 hours a night), exercise (a mix of cardio and strength training), down time (reading, journaling, meditation), and pleasure time (biking, dinner dates, walks on the beach, whatever pleases you.) When you implement a self-care routine into your schedule, you will notice a huge difference in your productivity, your overall happiness and in your relationships. Your health is your most important asset.

2. Stay in your own Lane

Identify your strengths and use them. When you are trying to make a bigger impact with your business or for yourself personally in your industry, your you-ness is what sets you apart. Your strength is usually something that comes naturally to you. Others praise you for your ability to do “it” with ease, and you can’t believe that it could be difficult for others. This is your secret sauce. Maximize your time doing this; it is your money maker. If you aren’t good at techy stuff or admin work, don’t do it, instead seek the help of others that have it as part of their you-ness.

3. Get Outsourcing

Bringing us to outsourcing. The best way to stay in your own lane while maximizing your time is to outsource the items. If someone else can do the work 80% as well as you, use them. Done is better than perfect in most cases. Hiring a virtual assistant or handing off tasks to someone who specializes in the work that you dread, or aren’t as good at, will take it off your plate. This frees up more of your time.   Your time is worth more when you spend it doing things that you like to do and these are the things you are typically the best at doing. When you enjoy what you do, you are more successful in your life and business.

4. Leave your worries on your calendar

 Worrying is wasted energy. If you’re constantly worrying, you’re distracted and unproductive. Not to mention worrying causes stress, which affects your health, and again your health is the most important. The best way to kick your worrying habit to the curb is to schedule. When you think of a worry, stop, and schedule a time in your calendar for the item. When the time comes, you will resolve the worry by working toward a solution. It likely wasn’t worth the worry in the first place.

 5. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be

It’s easy to get tied up in today’s online world in with what others are doing. To look where they are, or how far they’ve come, while you sit at home flipping through your Instagram page wondering if you’re living your life to the fullest, if you should be jumping out of airplanes, or hiking Mount Everest, or finally doing something with that biz idea that you’ve shelved for the past couple years. You’re exactly where you are meant to be. Breathe, there is no rush. The more time you can spend enjoying the journey, the sweeter the destination. You need to celebrate your successes and how far you’ve come. Enjoy the ride!

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