Comparison is the Thief of Happiness

In today’s social media age, we always seem to be comparing ourselves to others. Who wore it better? Is she skinnier than me? Prettier than me? Her business is so successful. How is she able to travel so much? This comparing is leaving you unhappy. I promise you. All the energy you spend thinking about others is only hurting your own potentials. Here are my tips to break out of the spell of comparison and into owning your power:


On you of course. Set your goals, dreams desires. Make them concrete and set timelines to achieve them. Work backwards from your goal achievement date and figure out the exact steps you need to take to get there. The more time you are spending planning you dream day, business and life, the quicker you will get there.


Your dreams. Speaking of your dream day, what does that look like to you? Imagine yourself living it. Live and treat people as if you’re already the poised, polished, abundantly happy and rich Boss Babe you want to be. Your efforts and energy will come to fruition the more you visualize and see yourself living your dream day to day.


Be gracious in your pursuit of your greater self. Spend time being thankful for your achievements. Be thankful for the achievements and dreams that you haven’t achieved yet but plan on achieving. The universe, energy, greater power that surrounds you will work towards those goals with you. Trust that it will come, you have to truly give yourself into the energy that surrounds you. It’s on your team!


Your you-ness. This is the one thing that no one else can take from you, or copy. There is truly only one you, so own it girl! The more time you spend being you without comparing yourself to others is time much better spent. Embrace it!

If you want to know how more about how I cured my comparison curse send me a message I would love to chat with you.

-Yours in the Hustle-