Get the Funk Out

Have you ever been in a funk? You just want to do what feels nice and easy, procrastinating on the important stuff? This is/was me/last week. I am slowly working to get the funk out. Not sure if it was the long weekend, or the long summer days, but I just do not feel like sitting at my computer, doing any planning on my phone, I just want another margarita! Is that sooo bad?!

Well yes and no… I am a believer that your body knows best what it needs, but sometimes it takes advantage of that down time and gets a bit too comfy. This past week I have been soaking up the sun, spending less time at the gym and more time outside. I’ve been neglectful of my blogging, my fitness and my overall sense of drive. To be honest, I think it is well earned and much needed, but its time to get back to the routine.  At little less sun time, a little more blog time. I type this while sipping a glass of bubbly in my backyard.. Its all about the balance really.

So if you feel it is time to get the funk out, here is what I recommend. Tried and tested my yours truly..


You know I love to schedule everything. My calendar is literally filled up with my to-do list and reminders to actually do! Schedule in your chores/work create a time to get those things done that have been strung along over the past week of bliss.

Work environment

Create your work environment. A space that you will actually work. Whether that means making a fresh pot of coffee to get you down to business or going to a local office space. Create a space that smells of productivity! Bring your pre-made snacks to force you to stay in the space for several hours to get the list done.


You wouldn’t bake one cupcake at a time, so try and batch the work you need to get completed to increase your productivity. For example, if you need to complete three blog posts, write them all at once. If you need to plan your Instagram feed for the week, do that task all at once. Trust me when you get into the rhythm you need to stick with it!


Make sure you are enjoying yourself and don’t feel guilty for the time you are taking away from work and for yourself. This is essential for offering your best to the world, is being your best well taken care of self. Once you get to work, you will actually enjoy yourself. It feels good to be productive! Remember that feeling! The margaritas taste so much better when the work is done for the day.

If you need an extra boost to get the funk out, send me a note, I can help kick you into high gear and be your most productive self!

-Yours in the Hustle-