Embrace Girl Power

Can we take a moment to talk about Girl Power?! As women, we sometimes forget that we are on the same side. We forget to support each other and lift each other up. We get that protective tightening feeling in our chest when we feel threatened or that we’ve shared too much. We don’t want to be left behind our fellow femme’s so we're actively protecting our ideas and are afraid of sharing our knowledge. We pretend that we are real #BossBabes and are actively supporting each other, but are we really? It’s time for a change.

Let's get that Girl Power Vibe going + Be a True High Class Hustlin’ Boss Babe

Girl Power.png

Step One: Embrace Abundance

When you’re feeling protective or inauthentic, you need to look inside and reflect on where these feelings are coming from. Most likely it’s not from the woman that you’re comparing yourself to, it’s something deeper. I am a true believer in abundance. I believe that the abundance mindset and spirit will bring you exactly that, abundance. (Conversely, I believe that the scarcity mindset will bring you exactly that as well, scarcity, so choose wisely.) There are truly enough client’s, ideas, opportunities, and money to go around. We can all have exactly what we want and support each other while doing it.

Step Two: Strength in Numbers

If we are truly looking out for each other we will get further together. We have strength in numbers. Think of it this way.. you’re running down the street on your way to your dream destination, and another fabulous woman is going the same way and knows of a quicker way to get there. If we support each other we can both get there faster and share in the successes and fabulousness of the dream destination. I am telling you success, like Champagne is best shared. The more women you have in your corner, the more knowledge and experiences you have. The collective genius is much greater.

Step Three: Follow your Envy

When you’re feeling envious of someone as we sometimes do, follow that envy. Try complementing the person you're envious of, because most likely, she worked her ass off to get where she is and followed her envy as well. I don’t see envy as a bad thing, it's an opportunity to highlight what’s missing in your life. Use your new found knowledge or envy to work towards filling the void that might be missing. Noticing your envy or jealousy can give you a clear path on where you want to go. Talk to the women around you, the ones making you feel these emotions, and ask them to share their knowledge, and the path they took to get where they are today. The flattery alone will please them and we all deserve a little flattery once in a while.

Step Four: Lift each other up

Let’s make a concerted effort to make each other smile. We all have a story, good days and not so good ones. If we try to make each other smile and lift each other up, we will truly be embracing Girl Power. A small compliment, or piece of advice offered when asked can truly make someone’s day. Go ahead and spread the joy!

Finally, remember you are a woman too, you need to be your own best friend. In the wise words of Diane Von Furstenberg:

"When a woman becomes her own best friend, life gets easier."

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Look forward to seeing you in there!

-Yours in the Hustle-