Mindset, Mindset, Mindset

I knoooooooowwww you’ve heard this before. I knoooooowww you know what to do. I know, you know, but are you doing what you know you need to do?!

 It’s so easy to say ya, ya, I got it! I get it! And then go on with your life as is. Trust me it requires discipline and by no means am I perfect at it either.


Keeping your head straight, goals top of mind and maintaining your daily meditation/manifest/envisioning sesh takes practice. You may have a routine now, or had one, or maybe it’s just an idea to implement these things, but I am telling you, it makes a HUGE difference.

The Hooo haaaa

Yes, I thought this was all a bunch of hoo-haa at first too. Like really thinking and talking to the universe/god/ceiling is going to make a difference in my life? Turns out, it really has. I used to cringe at the word “manifest” again, what is this witchery??? And then, read so many successful people’s books and blogs and I thought, if this many people are preaching this nonsense, maybe it’s not nonsense?! So, I started to practice it myself.

The Magic

 Then the magic happens, literally it feels like magic, like I might be the witch! OK, so I don’t sound to crazy,  I will give you an example. I was living in Spain, knowing I needed to come back to Calgary and have a vehicle. (I had sold mine before I left.) I was looking for something cute (obvi), practical, safe, and fell in love with this Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude all black and in my budget! I made an offer to the salesperson, she was waiting to talk to her boss and when she got back to me she said it had sold. I know doesn’t feel like magic yet, but wait! There’s more. I was bummed of course, but was like I’m going to manifest that model, same low kms and price (which was actually seemingly impossible.) But, I am tenacious, especially when I want something. I searched for months with nothing, but every night would make a conscious thought about the exact specifications of the Jeep of my dreams. Until one night, I thought, hmmm, I’ll just check Kijiji one more time, maybe Kijiji BC too and guess what? Yes, just posted, my Jeep, same specs, same one, perfect. The guy selling it was actually from Alberta and it was an Alberta vehicle which saved the out of province inspection. It was MEANT TO BE! Well, I made it meant to be, by setting my intentions and manifesting. I truly believe it.

 This isn’t the only time my manifesting has come to fruition, so I want you to know how powerful you are! And that’s all you really have to believe, is that you’re powerful.

Tempting, now what?

You need to establish a routine for your magic making. I’ll tell you mine and you can incorporate it into your routine in a way that works for you. If you do one thing, you must be consistent! That means on days you have your period and want to just give up, or when you’re pissed, or drunk or on a weekend. Be Consistent!

My Routine

Morning: Wake up (duh!), write in my 5 minute journal (I now have the app, I used to have the book, I find the app is better for travelling with.) Essentially, it reminds me to write down what I’m grateful for (which is scientifically proven to do amazing things), set my intention for a great day and a few I am statements to keep me feeling my Bougie self.

Night: I’m a night time manifester, it just works with my schedule better, I wake up with enough to do first thing. Figure out what works for you. Before bed, I complete my 5 minute journal, which has mean write down three amazing things that happened during the day. Allowing me to see how amazing my life is and then reminds me of how I could’ve improved myself during the day. This gives me something to focus my intentions for self improvement on for the following day. After this, I read/or think about (depends on the day) my ideal day in the life of me. What it looks and feels like. It’s VERY specific, down to the money I make and the things I do for it. Following this, I close my eyes and talk in my head to the universe/ceiling. I am thankful for things, I ask for things, manifest things and ask for signs from that universe to show me that my efforts are being received. You will start to see the signs, it’s pretty cool.

I hope this inspires you to create your own magic! If you need a little love, send me a note.

PS It’s like Santa Clause, you have to Believe!!!

-Yours in the Hustle-