What the hell is a Sales Process?

There is evidently lots to learn when starting or operating a business. You sell one cupcake at a farmer’s market and now you’re going into business. You keep selling and delivering cupcakes, but is there a method to your madness? Could someone else step into replace you at a moments notice? What happens when you need to hire someone else to sell cupcakes with you? Will they understand what to do?

A little process doesn’t have to hurt you or your biz. In fact, it should help, a lot! Being able to take a step back and book a vaca or hire that extra paid of hands- without thinking it’s easier to just do it yourself. It all comes down to a little process and procedure, set up and execution.

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Where to begin?

Typically, it starts with writing down the steps that you do instinctively. If you think someone would “figure it out,” they won’t, so write it down.  From setting out the ingredients the night before (to ensure you have them all) to putting on exactly 5 sprinkles on each cupcake. There needs to be some consistency. So when you step back, someone can easily pick up where you left off with no upset clients or lost income.

But, I don’t have a process

If you’re really winging it and not finding any consistency in what you do, then write down what you are doing now and add how you ideally would like to do it. Read through my Client Experience PDF to help get you started: http://bit.ly/2FnAm1h

OK, but now what?

Execute! Through checklists or a mini little process, (one or two pages max so your people actually read it). Lead by example with the new process and work through it with your new hires. Be open for their input as they may have some great suggestions (plus they will be more on board with using the process if they’ve helped create it.)

The process can make a more streamlined business model as well as set expectations and consistencies with clients. This ultimately creates better client experience and more money for your biz.

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-Yours in the Hustle-