Optimizing Your Opt-in

What the Hell is an Opt-in?!  

Firstly, an opt-in, like the name suggests,  is essentially you getting your ideal clients to say yes to something (to opt-in).

If you are just starting your business or are wanting to level up, you're probably interested in what an opt-in can do for you.

By having people opt-in it helps you to build your client list. Biz 101 'Your Network is your Net Worth,' so it is important to build your list. The opt-in does this for you automatically. Yes, automatically. While you sleep your list will be growing!

Here are the steps to building your client list and creating your opt-in:

Step one: Ideal Client

Determine who your Ideal Client is. Without a clear vision on who exactly you are wanting to target, your message will be lost. When it comes to your opt-in, you want to be specific to your ideal client and DO NOT want to try and please everyone. You will end up being vanilla, and in the online world you will be lost.

Step Two: Find the Pain Point & Solve

What is missing from your ideal clients life? Biz? What are their pain points? Figure out exactly what they would click on to find their missing puzzle piece and resolve their pain points. This should tie into the product or service that you are offering. For example, for me, I sell Sales Coaching and Biz Building services, my ideal client would be someone who's not confident in their sales skills or wanting to improve their sales within their business. My opt-in or solution might be "Do you want to feel more confident in your selling abilities and increase your sales in your biz?" 

Step Three: Create

Now that you know what is missing and how to solve it, you have to package the solution as a takeaway for them. This should be on brand and tie into your service or product again. In the example above, my takeaway could be, "My five steps to increased sales confidence and sales for your biz." It may be a downloadable PDF that has my logo and branding. When creating make sure it is something that you are proud of and adds value for your ideal client.

Step Four: You Have to Ask

On your opt-in page, you want to give people specific instructions on how to get the takeaway that is going to solve their pain point. For example, "click here to download" or "get access now." Something to call your ideal client to action.  In exchange for your takeaway, they will provide their contact information. Less is more. I typically ask for their first name and email only.

Step Five: Mail List

You need somewhere for your ideal client's contact information to go. I use Mailchimp to automatically add interested clients to my list. There are other programs you can use, so find one that works for you. You can set it up so potential clients automatically get your takeaway/opt-in and are uploaded to your database. All while you sleep! Or work, or continue hustling!

Step Six: List building

You've completed the steps! As you watch your list grow, you may want to tweak your opt-in as you gain feedback from your clients. Whether through them directly or from a low number of people opt-ing in. You can have more than one opt-in for different products and services that you offer. Once you have them on your list, be respectful. You don't want to bombard your ideal clients with useless information. Always add value to keep them from Opt-ing out.

If you feel you need support with your opt-in I would love to help you out! Send me a note to get in touch.

Want to read my Opt-in?! Click here to download my first step to becoming a Sales Goddess.

-Yours in the Hustle-