Why Being Vegan Makes Me More Money

I have a lot of people asking why I am vegan, what motivated me to eat this way? And inevitably if I still eat chicken or fish?  To clarify, I don’t eat animals, so no, I do not eat chicken or fish.

After years of feeling awful, lethargic, and sick, I knew something had to change. So I gave up meat and then did plenty of research into the benefits of not eating animals. Today, over five years later, I have never felt more vibrant, strong, empowered and richer.

How does being being vegan make me more money?

Meat is expensive

Well, meat is expensive for one. When I crossed meat off of my grocery list forever, I noticed that I had more money each month to spend on the best quality fruits and vegetables. Yes, that means I shop for those delicious organic ones.

You are what you eat

Fact. What you put into your body is what you get out of your body. If you are fueling yourself with vibrant, fresh, whole foods, you will feel your most vibrant self. Quick question, when comparing a dead animal carcass to a fresh vegetable salad, which one is more appealing? Which one is going to leave you feeling refreshed and amazing? Be honest. Eating dead animals, leaves you feeling like a tired, exhausted dead animal. Put in vitamins and minerals through a diet rich in whole foods and you will have more time and energy to get things done that will move you closer towards your goals. While your friends are sleeping off their turkey dinner, you can be networking, writing your next blog or signing up your next client. More energy equals more money.

Live longer

Your body will thank you! I have done plenty of research, so I feel confident in saying that your body will function better on a whole foods veggie diet. You will live longer with less risk of heart disease and several other ailments that have been linked to eating meat. Don’t take my word for it, do some research yourself, so you feel confident in your decision to cut out or cut back on meat. I recommend reading a Diet for a New America if you are looking for a classic packed with great animal stories, environmental information and disease prevention. PS If you live longer, you will have more opportunities and time to make more money.. Just sayin’.

Good Karma

I believe that what you put out to the universe is what you get back. If you treat people with kindness and respect, they will give you the same in return. When you are looking for new opportunities, those same people will want to help you. If you want to receive excellence, be excellent. Personally, I do not feel that any Being should have to die so that I can live, so I respect all of the Beings on the earth. The good karma from respecting the earth and the animals, I believe benefits me financially as well.

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

Did I mention that I have never felt and looked better? My skin, my hair, are shiny and healthy. I am able to run further, lift more weight, leaving me feeling fabulous! When you look good and feel confident in your body and skin, you are a better player in life. You are able to focus on your goals, and the steps to achieve them.

Social Proof

Finally, there are so many leaders in their industry who are vegan. This does not come as a surprise. They are focused on their craft, they want to be their strongest selves and help the planet. To name a few: Ellen Degeneres (TV Host, Comedian), Tony Robbins (Coach/Author/Philanthropist), Georges Laraque (Former NHLer), David Carter (NFLer). Everyone from athletes to empire builders are eating their veggies while saving lives and the environment. 


"Nothing tastes as good as health feels." -Peter Voogd


So, be your strongest healthiest self and make more money doing it.  If that is means adding a workout, or cutting out meat one day a week, make small steps to get big results. Do what is best for you, and do your homework so you have the confidence to back your decision making. It doesn’t have to happen all at once. Feel free to send me a note with your thoughts, I would love to hear them.

-Yours in the Hustle-