Difficult Clients: When to Break Up and When to Work it Out

Have you ever had a client that CAN NOT be pleased no matter what you do for them?

They take all of your time and energy, they always want just one more thing before they commit to the buying. These clients can be challenging and sometimes, they are worth the effort. At some point you need to decide how much time and money they are worth. If they even end up purchasing from you, are they ever going to be happy? Are you? What is your happiness worth? Most likely, they are going to drain your time and energy and then still have negative things to say about you and your company, and want more. My advice, is to cut your losses, quickly!

Fortunately, I can count the number of clients that pushed my threshold when it comes to going the extra mile for them to the point that my happiness was being sacrificed. I hope that you will never encounter difficult clients, but inevitably, you might.

How to know when to break up with a client and when to go to therapy:

Trust your Gut

That little feeling telling you to run for the hills, might be worth a little listen. If you are feeling drained, unhappy, dreading emails or messages from this client because you know they will be cringe worthy, it is time to weigh the pros and cons.

Pros vs Cons

Will you feel relieved if you decide to walk away or regretful? I find that weighing the pros and cons, imagining what I will feel in either scenario helps me see the situation fully and make the best decision for my business.

Learn from experience

Have you battled through this situation in the past and felt rewarded by the challenges you were able to overcome for the client? Were you left defeated and realizing that it was not worth the time, money, emotional impact? Your past experiences will help to guide you in making the right decision for this challenging client, use them.

Listen to them

What are they saying about other companies they have dealt with? Is it always negative?  Or did they generally have positive things to say of other businesses? Clients who are worth the effort, will be pleasantly surprising. When you finally do jump through all their hoops, the reward can be returned to you tenfold.

No matter what industry you’re in, you will run into these challenging clients. If you are not 100% confident in your processes and Client experience, these clients will walk all over you.

In my program, High Class Hustle for the Business Mind, we can work on this together to:

  • Discuss challenging clients one on one and make decisions together
  • Build a client experience specific to your industry
  • Create a system you are confident in

A 5 star income starts with a 5 star client experience.

Book a clarity call to see if we are a good fit.

-Yours in the Hustle-