Finding the Problem

Finding the Problem.png

As I returned from South America and started looking at my goals for 2019, I was noticing a few were lingering from last year. Why haven’t accomplished these yet? What is holding me back from achieving my goals? I had to figure out the problem.

 Then, I read this quote:

“A Damaged vehicle only gets worse if you don’t diagnose the problem.” 

And, it triggered to me that I can’t just keep going as I am and hope that this year I will be different. I had to figure out exactly what was going on. What am I doing or not doing that is keeping from my goals?!

It’s time to figure it out!

If you just keep going as you are, its going to lead to a breakdown to your car, to your life or your biz.

Where are you running into issues?

Depending on your goals, you have to determine where you’re running into issues. Time Management or procrastination seem to be the most common ones. As you reflect on the problem, think about what you can do to resolve it. For this example, you might wake up earlier, or turn off your phone for an hour for uninterrupted work time. Cater your solution to the specific problem. It’s important to figure out exactly what the problems are instead of continuing to sweep them under the rug.

There are no such thing as Dragons

I was reminded of the children’s book “There’s no such thing as dragons” by Jack Kent. In the book, the boy finds a small cat-sized dragon on the end of his bed and tells his Mom. His Mom replies, “there’s no such thing as dragons.” So, the dragon continues to grow and grow until eventually the house is lifted from the foundation. The Father comes home from work and can’t believe that the house is raised in the air by a dragon. He finally recognizes the dragon, as does the Mom and the dragon starts to shrink. It’s amazing that once you can open your eyes to the problem how clear and manageable it becomes. But, if you keep ignoring it, it grows to be an all consuming problem. Then, it can be difficult to accomplish anything.

Moral of the story, recognize your dragons. In the end, the Mom thinks aloud, “I wonder why he grew so big and then shrunk back to a smaller size.” To which the boy replies. “I guess it just wanted to be noticed.”

I hope this inspires you to take a moment to look for your dragons. They want to be seen, and once they are, they usually start to shrink.

 If you need help finding your dragons or shrinking them, hit me up!

-Yours in the Hustle-