Trusting the Process to grow your Empire

With all of the Royal Wedding Buzz, and all of us who're obsessed with Meghan Markle and how she won Prince Harry's heart, I wanted to shine a light on a bigger picture. Or perhaps it's the smaller, more personal picture that begins with a dream and trusting the process. Starting from the bottom, and trusting the proess to build their empires.

Started From the Bottom....png

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle from what I've read, I don't know her personally yet, experienced obstacles with being a mixed race woman growing up and from a young child was outspoken about human rights, particularly women's. It seems as if she strove for a bigger platform to be able to speak out and bring awareness to these issues. She could've been satisfied, checked the dream off as completed by becoming a high profile actress, but she kept pursuing. She trusted the process, and in my spiritual opinion manifested a larger platform. By becoming a high profile actress she was top of mind for her friends to set her on a blind date with a Prince, fell in love and now has an amazing opportunity to change the lives for so many with a larger platform.

Bethenny Frankel

Another powerful woman, who's path didn't come as easy as one would've hoped is Bethenny Frankel. Bethenny is someone I admire for her consistent hustle. I believe she wanted to be financially sound, and enjoy a little fame.  I mean, she was on the Martha Steward reality show, and then, Real Housewives of NYC as an unmarried woman when it first started -most of the characters were actually married housewives. In the beginning, she worked behind the scenes in Hollywood, was a nanny for celebrities, created several businesses over the years until finally, one cocktail set her business apart. She's continued to grow her Skinny Girl brand, support entrepreneurs, and uses her platform to support worthy causes, most recently Puerto Rico relief.  When you think that being on reality tv could be a dream come true in itself, it's amazing when the universe places more opportunities in front of you.  

Ellen Degeneres

Another powerful female who dreamed, I'm assuming to be able to be a comedian comfortable in her own skin. (Growing up in time where sadly, it wasn't as accepted to be gay.) Her bigger platform has become not just comedy, but a talk show. A medium where she can reach way more people, make a big difference to the happiness of others and perform comedy from the comfort of her own stage. She gets to be outspoken about being happily married, encourages others to be themselves, cares for animals and supports among many, vegan causes. 

My point is, your path may change along the way, when you think you've achieved something from all of the manifesting, wishing, hoping, and praying, there's likely more in store. This path may be setting you up for an even greater one. So hold on for the ride and trust the process. Focus on what you truly desire, not so much the exact details of how to achieve it. Trust the process.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and opinions with you if you would like to connect to start building your platform and seeing your dreams come true, send me a note.

-Yours in the Hustle-