Free yourself from Worry & Anxiety

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What’s the Worry?

Worrying. Are you a culprit of this? Worrying is only useful when you have control over it, and typically for most of our worries, we don’t. So before you spiral into a worry well, something to help you determine if it’s worth worrying about.

Worth the Worry

Ask yourself if your worry could actually happen and if there's something you can do to resolve it. If you answered yes to both of these, then it’s ok to worry, but immediately take the steps to resolve.

Move on

If you answered no, then the worry is not worth your energy. In fact, thinking about it and worrying will only cause more of your valuable time and energy to be dedicated towards it. And, I can think of more worthy causes to be focusing on. Empire building perhaps?! Moving on from these worries can be difficult at first, but with practice, like breaking any habit, you will become a pro!

What to do

My step to erasing the worry are to literally erase it. Press delete, change your thoughts immediately. You know what’s ah-maze about that? It’s something you can control, you’re capable to focus your brain on something new and positive. If you’re constantly having the same worry, it may be time to look deeper on what’s the underlying fear is there, accept it and work towards resolving it. In the end, you must change your thoughts before you spiral out of control. I’m here to support you if you need a little extra help working on your worries.

Need to Ax Your Anxiety?

Does your chest get tight and you have that feeling like you can’t breathe? This is the anxiety kicking into high gear. Usually, when you’re thinking about the future, or things to come you will get these feelings.

Control the Future

Trying to control the future is only beneficial in cases where you actually can. But, if it requires other people’s actions, (usually does) it’s out of your control. This is when anxiety usually kicks in. Ask yourself if there's something you can do to make a difference to the future result. If you can, then do that and then let it be. You’ve done all you can do to affect the outcome, and having feelings of tension isn’t going to change the result. Trust the process.

Ax it for good

Similarily to worrying, it’s about changing your mind with a little-added trust. When the anxious feelings come, address what's causing them. (ie. Your upcoming interview, flight delayed, etc.) With the interview, you can prepare yourself, but then you have to trust the process. Alternatively, with the flight delay, understand it, know it’s out of your control, and let it go. Enjoy the moment you’re in, live in the present. Trust that you’re meant to be here for some reason. Can you get caught up on your emails? Maybe it’s time you called your Mom or wrote your partner a love note.

Use this knowledge to empower you to get control of those pesky emotions and focus your mind on the present. Starting with your breath, the air around you, the smells, are you relaxing yet?!

Something you can control is reaching out to me, so do it, I’m truly here to support your journey so let me! 

-Yours in the Hustle-