Biz Planning: Feeling Lost?


 Three questions to ask yourself when you're feeling Lost.

Starting a business? Re-vamping your existing one? Need a career change? I’ve been there. I always go back to three big questions to help guide my decision making.  

1.     What is your passion?

Passion is something that drives you. Typically, it is something that you continue to do or plan to do because it brings you fulfillment and joy. For me, I am passionate about helping people and sharing my knowledge.  It is important that you know what you’re passionate about. Your passions typically align with your values so it’s a good exercise to know your values. You can learn more about what you value here. Write down what you are passionate about, it can be more than one thing, this exercise will help you get a clearer picture.  

2.     What truly brings you pleasure?

Your business, career, or ideas for either should bring you pleasure. When you think about working on your business or showing up for work, it should give you that feeling of, yes this is right. If you haven’t had that feeling in a while, it’s definitely time to make a change. Figure out what brings that excited feeling and do that. Write down what brings you pleasure. For me, it truly is talking with people about their goals, dreams and creating a clear path towards them.

3.     How can you make a difference?

It’s important that your actions make a difference in the world. Sounds like a big reach, I know, but I believe that small efforts add up to big results. Whatever your business plans, make sure they're working towards the greater good. This one should come easy. If you can sleep at night with the work you're doing and look your Mom in the eye, you’re likely making a difference.

Take some time when making your business or career decisions and go through the three questions and see what you come up with. If your business idea is still more of a feeling than an idea, I would love to help you put it into words and reality. Message me immediately so you can create a clear path to your happiness and find your purpose.

-Yours in the Hustle-