Ideal Client: Identify, Engage & Sell Them

Do you feel like you are trying to appeal to too many people with your product, service or even with your personality? It is easy to get caught up in trying to please everyone, after all, we all want to be liked. Typically, when you are meeting new people you want to put on a positive, happy, relatable façade, which is really thoughtful of you, but it could end up hurting you.

It’s better to be your true self and be liked or disliked for you, than to be the people pleaser. Trust me when I say, you will attract more of the people you want around you by being true to you. They will likely have the same interests and humour and truly like you for you. What could be better than that?

The same goes for your business. If you are trying to sell and appeal to everyone, you will fail. You need to really focus on your Ideal Client.

Who they are?

First, determine who they are. This step is so crucial. Once you’ve determine exactly who your ideal client is, their likes, wants, needs, pain points, dreams, etc. you will be able to cater your offering to them. Spend some time dreaming about your ideal client and exactly who they are. For me, my ideal client’s name is Farrah, she is a fabulous young entrepreneur who owns an event planning company and is looking for extra sales support to convert her leads into sales. I know where she shops, lives, her age, relationship status and I even have a photo of “her.”

Current Buyers

It is important to research who is currently buying your product or service from you or your competition. This will give you some great insight on who you should be selling to. You may even realize that your following of clients are not who you thought they were. Perhaps, they are all have Spanish as a second language. You never know until you do some research into them. Use what you find out to determine...

How to Engage them

Now that you know who they are, it makes it much easier to determine how you will communicate with them. When you are posting on Facebook or Instagram, you can cater your message specifically to your ideal client. Using the example above, you might post in two languages, English and Spanish. If you know they love to go to spin classes, you might post that you were just at spin class and used your product or service there. Think of ways to incorporate your ideal client’s interests into your posts to increase your engagement.

Selling Them

When you are engaging with your ideal client, it is so much easier to sell. You will feel confident in your position because you truly have an offer that will solve their problems or make their life better. They have been waiting for someone to help them find a solution and finally you are here with the answers. To use Farrah as an example, her ideal client would be desperate for help to plan an event because they are too busy. Her services solve the problem, as she plans fabulous events with only a couple meetings with her clients, saving them even more time.

Trying to sell to anyone who will listen, will leave you broke. You need to spend some time finding your tribe of people who want to know and learn more about your offering. If you want to learn more about determining your Ideal Client, send me a message and I will give you some customized advice specific to your biz.

-Yours in the Hustle-