Kick your Prospects off the Fence

You know those prospective clients that just sort of hang around for seemingly ever?! Why aren't they buying? They never seem to be in a rush, they are happy right where they are, on the fence. (Usually overthinking the decision.) Creating some urgency can help to get them off the fence.

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What is Urgency?

Urgency is that feeling you get when you slept in and have to be at your meeting in 20 minutes. It feels like a fire has been lit under you and you get tunnel vision. Your goal is to make it to the meeting on time, looking half decent. Your reason goes to the wayside, its a matter of survival. Who needs breakfast, a shower? Nah a little dry shampoo and deodorant will do. You just need to get dressed and in the car. This is the feeling you're aiming to get with your potential clients or the ones who are just hanging out on the fence. A little less reasoning a little more action.

How to create it?

You need to instill the feeling of- I NEEEEEED to have that, NOW!

Play Hard to Get

Have you ever found something online and then they don't ship to Canada or Europe or wherever you're living? All of the sudden you're obsessed with tracking down this product and getting it, through eBay or Amazon or begging your Grandma in Florida to ship it to you once it arrives at her house. The feeling of not being able to get something they've decided they might want can create urgency for your potential clients. We all want what we can't have.


What do you mean you don't have any in stock? Scarcity or not having enough supply (as we learned in economics class) increases demand. Again, wanting what we can't have or might not be able to get. Having limited availability can set your clients into action. If you have a product have limited available- 4 in stock! Or for service based business, the exclusivity of openings- 3 spots left!

Pain vs. Pleasure

Remember people buy to get out of pain or to gain pleasure. Reminding them of their pain and the emotions attached to it helps to create urgency to get out of that pain. For example, you have created this business which you LOVE, but no one is buying your products or services. Your pain point is you have no money, you feel like a failure, you're going to have to move in with your parents. Knowing your potential client's pain point and emotions can help you to highlight those feelings, which entices them to take action. Because you know that they don't want to live with their parents or have feelings of failure you can show them that working with me would get them out of that pain.


We've all agreed to do something because we didn't want to miss out or someone coaxed us with the "YOLO" reasoning. Incorporating a little 'fear of missing out' or 'you only live once' into your sales strategy can help convince prospects to take action. 


Your clients need to clear on exactly what you're offering and the EASE of getting it. If they are on the fence it could be because they aren't convinced they NEED what you offer. Make sure you're educating your clients clearly and making it simple for them to take action accordingly.

Need more specifics on creating urgency for your business? Reach out, I'm happy to chat or come to see you in person to go through my tactics. Send me a message below.

-Yours in the Hustle-