Be Thoughtful vs Reactionary when Making Decisions


As Entrepreneurs or just busy humans, we are making thousands of decisions every day or even every hour. There are so many decisions to be made that some become a reaction to the situation. Lately, as my own decisions have been piling up, I found myself not being careful or thoughtful about the decisions I was making, so thought I’d bring it to your attention so you know you’re not alone, and there are some ways out of it.

Align with your Values

Seems obvious, but taking a moment to confirm that your decisions are aligned with your values is so important and can make a BIG difference. Food, I find is the most relatable example. Have you ever been on the go and whipped into a Starbucks for a coffee instead of something actually nutritious? Or grabbed a maybe not-so-healthy option instead because it was there and already made? Yes me too, but when I stop and think, is this aligned with my value of being a healthy human and feeding my body nutritious options, I usually take the extra five minutes to grab an easy go to- carrots and hummus to hold me over.

Your Biz

The same rule of thumb applies to your biz. I noticed I was getting into auto-pilot mode with my decision making, yes let’s do it, no, ok, why not, instead of taking a moment to pause and see if I was aligned. I ended up making a decision that was more automatic instead of reactionary. I agreed to something despite it not being aligned with my biz goals. If I continue to do things like this, it would keep me farther from achieving my goals and being true to my biz/vision/brand.

Take a step back

It’s okay and smart to take a step back on decisions, so that you can confirm they are aligned with your biz. Have you every been in a similar state of auto-pilot? I’d love to hear about it, comment below or send me a note.

Your Thought Process

One more thing, I wanted to mention when making decisions. It’s important to be open about your decision making process with your colleagues as well as your clients. It will help them understand your thought process, what brought you to this point, shows them how much you’re invested in them, and gets them on board for your decision. For example, if you were training someone to run a marathon, they need to run 42.2 kms. If you tell them to run 5km this week, they might not understand why it’s such a short distance. By explaining that your plan to increase every week by 3km until the race starts, they can understand the logic and get on board with running the 5km without concern/confusions.

Have you ever been open with your thought process? Or had someone be open with you? Did you find that it was helpful? Let me know your thoughts below.

-Yours in the Hustle-