Meditation: Embrace the Power

More and more people have been talking about meditation and embracing the power of the Universe.

I didn't grow up not very religious at all. Though, I went to a Catholic school, (my parents tell me it’s because it was the better school program offered at the time), and went to church only when it was mandatory,  I never really bought into it.

I have always felt that the Universe holds an incredible power, but I didn’t feel that eating bread or drinking wine were the way for me to hone in on that power.

Always curious about different religions, I have traveled to many parts of the world to experience them for myself. The spiritual side of me has always been there waiting to be unleashed even further. I knew there was more to this spiritual side, so when the universe sent me Gabby Bernstein's book, “The Universe has your back” I knew I had to read it.

What did I learn? Well, that I AM UNSTOPPABLE!

Through reading the book, practicing meditation with the help of the Omvana App which was recommended to me from a fellow entrepreneur in the High Class Hustler’s Facebook Group, I have never felt more connected and trusting in the Universe as I create my path to greatness.

How can you harness the power?

Take Five

For me, spending five minutes sitting on my yoga mat, breathing and centering my thoughts, leaves me feeling focused and certain of my purpose for the day. I have been doing this each morning for the past two weeks and I truly feel more productive, and trusting of what the day brings. I did miss one morning in the two weeks and it felt like I forgotten to brush my teeth. I had missed a crucial step in my day. I ended up making the time up later on that day because the strength and energy I was getting from the five minutes was so valuable.

Connect to your Desires

Each time I sat on my mat to meditate, I went in with an intention, desire or a question. This helped me to get the best results for myself out of the meditation. I would ask the Universe to guide me and I placed trust in the Universe to carry me in the direction I should be going. I would ask tough questions, play out different scenarios in my mind and feel how my body was reacting. This left me with to clear answers. Sometimes I would just ask for a peaceful mind to help me re-focus for the day. It was amazing to me, that what I was needing or desiring in the moment before sitting down would be given to me through the meditation.


Over the past two weeks, and through meditation, I truly have been able trust the Universe with my path. On one of the days I was receiving several “No’s” on things I really wanted “yes’s.” I felt annoyed because I was meditating and following my path and desires. I was living my truth and I felt that the Universe was denying me and not giving me what I needed. I went back to the mat, and trusted that the Universe knew what it was doing. It was challenging me to find different ways and ideas to get where I was determined to go. With that, I came up with new ideas to find a new path providing me with greater results, more lessons, making me smarter and more suited to reach the goals I was set out to achieve.  By trusting, I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be.


With my new found super power, I am more forgiving and happy. I still get frustrated and annoyed when people don’t act as one would expect, but I am forgiving. I have really easily learned to take the thought, verbalize it and let it go. I am genuinely forgiving of their mis-steps because really, me being annoyed with them and holding onto that energy isn’t helping me or them. Negative thoughts and energies are quickly flowing through instead of being held onto. I know that when I hit the mat, I owe it to the Universe to offer my best self. I sit down with clear positive intentions and I receive clear and positive answers back. There is no time to dwell on the negative.

After only two weeks of meditation, I truly am seeing the results. I definitely recommend trying meditation for five minutes a day. For me it makes the most sense in the morning when you wake up. It helps set the tone for your day and leaves you feeling unstoppable. I would love to hear your meditation stories, tips and experiences. Please comment below or send me a note, I am dying to learn more about what this super power has to offer!

-Yours in the Hustle-