What do you Value?

When business building or life building, in order to be your best and feel like you’re on the right path, you must be aligned with your values. First step to making sure your aligned is knowing what your values are.

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Values typically fall under three categories. Familiarizing yourself with the different types of values is the first step.


Values fulfilled through what comes to you and how you respond to it.

Typical experiencing values would include: discovering, communicating, appreciating, playing sports, nurturing , doing.


Values fulfilled through what you bring into existence.

Typically creating values would include: designing, ideas, braintstorming, innovating, creating, building.


Values fulfilled through your attitudes and mindsets.

Typically being values would include: peace, joy, love, spiritually, authenticity, unity, flow, energy.

Determining What you Value

Now brainstorm or circle the words/values that speak to you under each different category. Try to come up with 10 words total. It’s okay if one category is drawing you towards it, it’s a good sign that you know what you value.

If you’re having trouble, think back to your childhood, what things were you naturally drawn to? Were you frequently imagining, helping, building, exploring. Quickly list 5-10 things without thinking too deeply about it. Circle the ones still part of your life now.

A few questions to ask yourself to gain greater clarification:

What can people not stop you from doing?

When are times you were living your best self and on feeling aligned with your values? What were you doing?

What values were you displaying?

Finally ask three people that are close to you to name your values. Write down their responses.  Look at the list you’ve created and see what speaks to you. Pick your top 3-5 values. Think of them each day and continue to live aligned with your value.

Stay tuned for another post for living in alignment with your values.

Still not able to pinpoint what you value?

That’s what I’m here for. Send me a message, I would love to help you get clarity on your values.

-Yours in the Hustle-