Use Energy to Release Stress

With attention comes energy. What you focus on grows. The grass is greener where you water it. Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Whether you are focusing on your to-do list that keeps piling up or your thinking about your upcoming vacation, the feelings that your body feels in return to those thoughts are opposite. Your stress and anxiety level likely increased with the first statement and decreased with the latter.

How to use the Power of Energy to Release Stress

1.     Notice Your Breathe

Begin by noticing your breath, as it flows in and out, the rising and falling of your chest. Notice as the air leaves your nose. Breathe into your belly not your chest. You can experience a deeper breath and get more oxygen in by breathing into your stomach.

2.     Bring Awareness

After five breaths, allow your awareness to slowly move through your body from top to bottom. Starting with you head notice any feelings or sensations there, the temperature of the air, tension, etc.

3.     Focus on the Sensations

When you find a tense spot or a different sensation. Notice it, embrace it, breath through it. Allow your muscles to contract and relax around the area. By focusing your energy you’re allowing it to be, and then ultimately the tension drift away. Experience what is there, numbness, coolness, warmth, feel it.

4.     Repeat

Repeat this simple exercise before meetings or anytime throughout the day you're feeling stressed. You could even do it every time you wash your hands. By creating a small trigger to remind yourself to check in with yourself will help you form this healthy habit.

By focusing your thoughts and energy internally it helps to heal your body by relaxing it. You’re granting it permission to have feelings, experience them and then let them go.

If you're looking for further ways to calm your stresses, send me a note, I am always here to help! 

-Yours in The Hustle-