TO DO List: Turn your mountain of to-do’s into a bite sized cupcake

Is your To-do List looking more like a Mountain and leaving you feeling paralyzed?

Trust me, I have been there.

After returning from Christmas break, and a week away for my birthday, the things I had to get completed were piling up. I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep. I was feeling very down on myself and overwhelmed by all that I had to catch up on and do. It seems like when you are trying to be better, there is always one more thing that gets added to the list. While trying to be the best daughter, sister, girlfriends., keep up with my reading, get a workout in, etc., the light bulbs out in the kitchen, something else stops working and about 1000 people are calling needing me. That reminds me, did I update my voicemail?!

STOP! Breathe. Reset.

It is so easy to spiral, (as we all know) and let these incredible things seem like negative nuisances. Take a step back and realize the opportunities that lie in front of you. For me, it is re-reading the to-do list and seeing it as it is. I GET to be an amazing daughter, sister, girlfriend, how incredible is that? People love me and support me and I am grateful for them. They understand if I need a minute to catch up. I Love that I get to read and learn new things each day, work on my strength, fitness and even change my own light bulbs. After all, owning your own home, which in itself, is a huge accomplishment, allows me to do these little things.

Break it down

Like me, you probably want to ignore the list and go back to watching Netflix, but that list isn’t going anywhere. Take one task at a time. Shower, make your bed, return five emails,  if that is all you get done today be proud of yourself. Tomorrow, add one more thing, to your list and a few more emails, and eventually your huge list will be a tiny bite sized cupcake.

Reward yourself

For ever item you check off your list, reward yourself by allowing yourself 10 minutes of Netflix per task, or read some page in your book. Hell, have a glass of wine and do both. The point is, break it down and add some motivation to accomplishing the tasks. Eat the cupcake!

Cross them off

The feeling of physically crossing off or deleting items from your To-Do list is a small reward in itself. I find it gratifying! Add some quick and easy tasks in between the more difficult ones, so you can see that you are gaining traction in your efforts.

Ask for help

You are allowed to ask for help. I recommend it! OR hire an expert to assist you with the menial tasks that are taking too much of your valuable time.

No matter how big or small your to do list, sometimes it catches up with you. If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious by what you have going on, it is ok to ask for help. In my program, High Class Hustle for the Business Mind, we can discuss together:

  • Where is all of your time going?
  • Prioritizing your list and your time
  • Create a system customized to your needs and situation

A 5 star income starts with a motivated mind.  

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-Yours in the Hustle-