Align Your Values

Does your life align with your core values? Often we will find our core values are out of line in some aspect of our lives. Whether in our relationships, work or the things we give our time and energy to you might be out of alignment.  This will leave you feeling drained, off and like something is missing.

Here is a simple way to bring your awareness to your values and begin to align with them, getting you back to feeling your focused self. (First you must know what your 5 core values are, click here for a refresher on determining those.)


Make a list of your short-term goals for the next 60-90 days. Then create a list for your longer-term goals over the next 2-5 years. Look at the goals and think about what it’s going to take to achieve them. Do they line up with your core values? Will your values be met or compromised? This exercise can bring light to your path to achieving them. You may need to change the timeline or the goal itself to stay in-line with your core values.

For example: You value time with friends and family, feeling connected. Your goal is to start a project that will take up your free time, this could impact your value of being connected. You may value success over the connected time, but you must make sure it’s a conscious decision and is truly in-line with your core values.


For your top five core values, think of ways that you can live them each day. Through planning time to be with friends, time to build your biz, time to get to the gym, etc. Create three ways you can live your values for each value. Implement the ideas into your routine so you are always living your core values.


Take a look at your current schedule, where are you living your values? What is blocking you from living your values? Highlight the areas where you are living your values and try to do more of that. Where you refrain from living your values, come up with ways to change your blocking habits.  Usually just noticing that you are not living to your values is enough to make the change.


Keep your values top of mind. You can create a list in your phone that you can look at each day. I use reminders or calendar notifications to encourage myself to be living to my true values and prevent blocks from interrupting.

If you’re finding that your not living to your core values and struggling to getting back to your fabulous self, its time that we chat. Please book a call with me, I want to see you shining!  

-Yours in The Hustle-