Empire Building: Free yourself from the 9-5

Are you at the point, where every email, text or call from your boss makes you feel anxious?

Are you afraid to speak your mind, offer your opinions or be your true self because you feel that no one really wants to hear it? Or it might disrupt the peace? Are you riding out your time knowing that you are meant for more, but keep second guessing yourself? After all, it’s not that bad right? If you can just make it through one more day. Then you repeat the same feelings and emotions day after day.

I hear you!! I have been there! And let me tell you, it is the WORST feeling ever!

You are living against what you are meant to be doing, you are suppressing your you-ness and the world needs all that is YOU! No holds barred. You aren’t stuck living the life you have. You have the power to change!

If I can do it, so can you!

That little idea that you have been dreaming of pursuing or the feeling that you can do better, listen to it! It’s trying to tell you that you are capable, you do have the power. The anxiety and stress you’re feeling is trying to tell you exactly that. You are bigger than your 9-5 job, you don’t need to answer another email from your asshole boss. You can be your own boss and take the lessons you’ve learned from being an employee to be THE best, most understanding, compassionate boss that your employees have ever seen.

I know, I know, but how can you just quit your job and start a business? You have mouths to feed and shoes to buy! You can do it, at your own pace. Here’s what helped me:

Big Girl Panties

Put them on. You want this and you are going for it. Breathe. You want this and are going for it!!! You won’t take NO for an answer. The universe is going to try and convince you that this is the wrong thing, but it’s a test. You want this and are going for it! You are ready to take on the obstacles, the struggles, and do it all while not having to answer to anyone! You are your own boss. You want this and are going for it!

Hire a Coach

For me, having someone to walk me through the steps and keep me accountable was HUGE! I set goals, timelines, and achieved them. I love being able to bounce around ideas with my coach knowing that it is in a safe, non-judgy environment. I continue working with a coach as I find it stretches my knowledge and my comfort zone. It’s kind of like spin class. There is NO way I would spin as hard as I do if there weren’t an instructor spinning twice as fast as me and kicking my ass into high gear.


That’s it. Believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in your knowledge, your skill set, believe and know that you are meant for this. Everything you have experienced to date; the terrible bosses, the horrible break ups, the lousy dates, the 15 page essay you spent all night writing, it has all been for this purpose. Perfecting you into the woman you are now, the unstoppable woman who IS creating her own empire.

Bye Bye Fear Mongering

It’s time to break up with that nasty mean girl inside of you. You know the one who continuously doubts you? Every time she creeps in with those self-doubting thoughts and seems to be running rampant, bitch slap her out of there! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Especially your High Class Empire Building Self! Say bye bye to your inner mean girl and hello to your fierce, inspired, boss babe self.

Cut People Out

Sorry to say it, but not everyone will be on board with your dreams and aspirations. Usually, it's because you make them uncomfortable by going for it! They’ve thought about it before, but they are going to answer 1700 more emails to their asshole boss, stick to the 9-5, and feel anxious everyday. So, move on. You do not need to be surrounded by anyone who is doubting you, especially when it is out of their own fears and frustrations. Free yourself from their disapproval, you are meant for this! You know it. Surround yourself with a tribe who supports you and empowers you to go after it.

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-Yours in the Hustle-