Get & Stay Motivated!

Have you started businesses, jobs, new ventures and then got bored? Something as simple as getting out of bed in the morning can be very difficult if there is nothing motivating you.

Do you notice when you have company over you are awake before them in attempts to be the perfect host? Or perhaps you have a new baby and you find yourself sleeping lightly ready for even the slightest whimper that she might need you. Is it your dog that wakes you and encourages you to get up and after your day? 

Without a motivating factor in your life, you tend to feel lethargic, slow moving and aren’t as productive throughout the day. You give up when things get difficult.

How do you get and more importantly STAY motivated?

In the instances above the motivating factors could be to be the perfect host. For your babe it could be to be a loving mother, for your pooch, it’s to be a caring mother and stay active. These are some of the many factors that can motivate you.

Ok, ok But How do you stay motivated?

Step One: Create a Vision

This is essential. You need to imagine your ideal life. Whether through a vision board, or taking the time to imagine your future perfect life before bed it is crucial you know what it looks like. When creating your vision, here are some things to think about: what does your dream career/business look like? What does your day to day look like? How does your body feel?  What are your relationships like? What is your living situation? Your Love life? Your vacations? You get the idea.

Step Two: Create a Reason

This is your Why behind your Vision. Under each of the areas you’ve dreamed of you need to have a reason. Your motivating factor behind your vision. If you want to be able lift more weight at the gym, your motivation might be so that you are strong enough to carry your new growing babe as they get older. If you want to live in Spain for a year, your motivation might be to learn Spanish, or live by the sea, or a feeling of freedom and more travel. Take some time to figure out your motivating factor behind the things that you do. It will encourage you to keep doing them.

Step Three: Create Steps to Achieve

Now that you know your motivating factor, its time to create habits. Steps to achieve them that become habits as you continue to do them on your way to your goals. For the above example to lift more weight, the steps may be to go to the gym two times per week and increase the amount of weight you lift every week. To move to Spain, you will need more steps. Starting with setting a date and working backwards on what needs to be resolved while you are away.  Save money, find tenants, change mailing address, etc. Determining the steps helps to make the vision more clear and achievable. If it’s just a vision you can find yourself unmotivated as the steps to get there aren’t clear.

Step Four: Staying Motivated

To keep moving toward your vision, you need to remind yourself of your motivation each day. Every time you think of staying in bed and skipping the gym, you need to remind yourself that you want to be able to carry your baby as she or he grows. Write your motivations down or put them as reminders in your phone to pop up each day and give you a nudge to keep going.

Still feeling unmotivated?

Rest. Be kind to yourself. Some days skipping the gym might be just what you need to care for yourself.  IF you find yourself constantly skipping a task or chore, then it might be something you want to consider outsourcing. Stay in your zone of genius and hire help to complete those tasks that just aren’t your jam. You will feel relieved that you are getting it off your plate and have more time to work on the important stuff. Working with a coach like me can help you stay on task as well. If you feel you need support or want to discuss what that might look like for you, I would love to help. Please send me a note to connect.

-Yours in the Hustle-