How to Value your Money Using the 4 W's

As you know, my background is sales in the home building industry. I have had phenomenal success in the industry and remain passionate about the industry. I think its incredible that you can start with a bare piece of land and turn it into someone's dream home, sanctuary, place of love and joy!

For the past while, as I have launched High Class Hustle to bring my knowledge to inspiring women entrepreneurs ready to make a difference in their industries and in their lives, I have had a difficult time letting go of the home sale coaching side of things. Or maybe the home building industry has had a difficult time letting go of me.

I feel grateful and proud that I have been approached by several amazing builders with equally amazing opportunities for me. My vision for my life is to be fluid, meaning I want to be able to live and work when and where I please. If I take positions here in Calgary, it limits ability to come and go as I please. Don't get me wrong, I love the work, I just wish it was closer to the beach and a nicer climate. My plan is to move to a warmer climate very soon. However, with the incredible opportunities coming my way, I have been tempted to stay for another year. 

During this time of indecision, I have been listening to Timothy Ferriss' audio book, The 4-Hour Workweek. In the book he says,

"Money is multiplied in practical value depending on the number of W's you control in your life: what you do, when you do it, where you do it, and with whom you do it."

In order to break this down for my scenario, and I suggest you do the same when facing a decision, here is what it would look like for my two top options. One, take position in the home building industry. OR, two, move to warmer climate.

What You Do

Home Building Industry: I would be selling amazing families beautiful homes, coaching new sales people how to do the same. I would increase my industry knowledge and network by working with new people. At the same time, I would continue working with my High Class Hustle Clients, but would be limited into how many I could take on which would limit the growth. 

Move to Warmer Climate: I would be working with inspiring women entrepreneurs helping them grow their dream businesses and lives. I would watch them make a difference in their industries. I would spend more time travelling and more time with my Love. 

When You Do It

Home Building Industry: The hours would be set, though there would be some flexibility with this. 

Move to Warmer Climate: I would be in charge of my exact schedule. I would of course be coordinating my availability with that of my clients.

Where You Do It

Home Building Industry: The location would be Calgary, in a specified area. Calgary is close to my family and friends. Calgary is cold most of the time and I heard that Alberta has the most digestive diseases in all of Canada. That has to be something topographical right?! Calgary is close to the Rocky Mountains, I live by the river, there are tons of restaurants. It is a vibrant City.

Move to Warmer Climate: The location could be wherever I want it to be. I could be fluid in where I work and live. I would be by the ocean and the weather would be gorgeous. The culture would be something to explore. I could travel to places I've never been before. I truly believe I would be happier in a warmer climate by the water. Doesn't the ocean cure everything?!

Whom You Do It

Home Building Industry: I would be working with new people, so this is unknown, but I seem to get along with everyone. From who I've met, they are wonderful and my friends say they are amazing as well. 

Move to Warmer Climate: It would be me and my incredible High Class Hustler FB Group, my passionate clients and new people to meet at my new location. I would spend more time with Mike and we could explore the world together. 

So what did I decide?

I am still torn, but you can see they both have their amazing sides to them. It is a great way to bring the money into perspective. To be honest, if I stay in Calgary, I could make a lot more with a little more certainty. If I move, the value could be multiplied because the lifestyle is, though there is a little less certainty, but a whole lot of possibility. Hmmm, stay tuned..

Have you ever been faced with a difficult decision where you have to really determine the value of your money, time and lifestyle? I would love to hear about it. Send me a note or post your story in the comments. 

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I look forward to watching your biz or career grow!

-Yours in the Hustle-